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This course is divided into five sections and encompasses 14 total lessons. In the next lesson, you will have access to the Class Notes/Discussion Guide for that individual lesson of,  The Story of the Cosmos. The discussion guide will help you to think about the content of the lesson and how to best move forward with the course. Please note that some of the quiz questions will come from the information provided in the download so make sure you take a moment to read the material.

The lessons will follow along with the chapters from the book; so if you read each chapter prior to the corresponding lesson you should experience the optimal learning experience and greater retention. The book is not required for the course but would be a helpful companion. You can purchase the book from Amazon.com in paperback or ebook (Kindle).  When you complete this course you will be equipped to lead this course in a small group or church setting.

To download all study guides in one file Click or Tap Here or you may choose to download them individually in each lesson. 

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